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OHSAA Adds Girls Wrestling, Boys Volleyball

The board unanimously voted on Thursday to add both sports.

Columbus, Ohio — The Ohio High School Athletic Association will add women’s wrestling and men’s volleyball as approved diversity sports for grades 2022-23.

The board unanimously voted on Thursday to add both sports.

The Ohio High School Wrestling Coach Association has been hosting women’s wrestling competitions since 2020, and the Ohio High School Men’s Volleyball Association has been hosting the competition since 1988.

“OHSAA has been in discussions with boys’volleyball and girl wrestling leaders for several years now, and these two sports can now be incorporated into OHSAA,” said Doug Ute, managing director of OHSAA. .. “This move helps these sports continue to grow and allows those student athletes to compete in the OHSAA State Championship. It gives more children an opportunity, which is OHSAA’s mission. “

As new sports, girls’ wrestling and boys’ volleyball will be managed like OHSAA’s currently accepted sports, but with additional requirements that may lead to full sanctions in the future.

“Women’s wrestling and men’s volleyball tournaments strive to maintain a format that is very similar to what the Coach Association does,” Ute said. “The Women’s Wrestling State Tournament will be held in mid-February and the Men’s Volleyball State Tournament will be held in the Spring. Tournament rules have not yet been developed, but at the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, these two We will start working on sports to start next fall. “

With the addition of women’s wrestling and men’s volleyball, the number of OHSAA sports has increased to 28, 14 for women and 14 for men.

In addition, the board voted to move lacrosse girls and boys to the list of recognized sports from the new sports category. OHSAA added lacrosse in 2016.

OHSAA said it will discuss partnering with the group to offer tournaments at Esports, as well as partnering with Varsity Spirit at its first side-business cheerleader competition in December.

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OHSAA adds girls wrestling, boys volleyball

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